Why live in care?

When people get to the stage of life where they start to need either some assistance with day to day living, or just feel vulnerable living alone, remaining in their own home whenever possible is most people’s first preference. By staying in your own home you are able to keep around you much that is of meaning and value – such as pets, your garden, your friends, hobbies and interests. You also retain most control over your own life and how you pass your time. By bringing the care to you we will enable you to continue to enjoy your lifestyle, while assisting you in all the areas you are no longer able to manage.

Why us?

We are a small bespoke agency who offer a personalised service. As well as providing care to a high professional standard, we appreciate the emotional issues involved in having live in care. Clients are often in a situation where they know they need help, but are reluctant to surrender their privacy and autonomy. We are sensitive to these issues, and ensure the carers we place can not only carry out tasks, but interact with the clients in a way that they feel comfortable with. We continuously review the situation to ensure clients and their families are happy with both the care they are receiving and the approach and personality of the carer.

home is where the story starts....

How we help

When you contact us we will discuss your situation and answer any questions you might have. If you are interested in taking matters forward, we will arrange to visit your home to determine the type of care you require.
(A process known formally as ‘carrying out an assessment’).
We would then e-mail or write to you with a proposal, and usually include a profile of the carer we would initially place with you.


Our carers will carry out the majority of domestic duties you require them to, such as:

  • Shopping
  • Cooking
  • Light domestic support including: cleaning, Laundry, Care of Pets
  • Outings and Appointments
  • Assistance with correspondence, paperwork and new technology

As well as domestic duties, our carers will assist you with personal care, always conscientious to maintain independence, dignity and respect.

  • Assistance with getting up and going to bed
  • General mobility assistance
  • Help with washing and dressing
  • Administration of medications
  • Assistance with mealtimes
  • Help with continence care

We can provide carers to cope with the difficulties and complexities of recognised medical conditions. This requires knowledge and training, but also experience and the capability to deal with the turmoil that can at times result from such conditions, examples of which are:

  • Dementia
  • Parkinsons
  • Stroke
  • Palliative Care

remaining in their own home whenever possible is most people’s first preference...


  • P was absolutely perfect for mum at the stage her illness was at. She quietly cared for her, without being too invasive or controlling for mum’s independent nature.

    Loosing mum has been something I have dreaded since her diagnosis in November, wondering how we would deal with the end when it came. D protected mw from the worst of it, with care and compassion towards me as well as for mum. She is a very special person, and I am eternally grateful to her.

    Once again, many thanks P, for making it possible for us to keep mum safe and loved in her own home to the end.

    Matt interview by Total Guitar on July 2000.
    Matthew Bellamy
    May 8, 2003
  • You and your team helped enormously to make the last few years of her life bearable, and I am quite sure that without her determination and your careand devotion she would have slipped away long ago.

    I have, over the last few weeks looked back on mother’s life, it was full of fun, and although you didn’t know the true mother, she still did at least have her sparky moments.

    Christopher Wolstenholme talking about the power behind Absolution.
    Dominic Howard
    Apr 18, 2000
  • I appreciate and thank you for your efforts. Sadly, my mother was in many ways a shadow of her former self in her last few years, but I am glad something of her character shone through and gave all of us, including her, bright moments and pleasure.

    Dom in an interview with ilikemusic.com
    Chris Wolstenholme
    May 7, 2001

Our Carers

Goldfinch Carers are meticulously screened, reference checked, interviewed, trained and supervised in accordance with CQC strict vetting regulations. Most of our carers are of a mature age who have raised families of their own, so in addition to having professional training, they have the necessary compassion and life skills for caring. Goldfinch Carers are supervised and trained to perform household duties, personal care, specialist elderly live in care including working with dementia, physical disabilities and palliative situations.

Quality Assurance

Goldfinch care assures you peace of mind in the knowledge that our professional ways of working, carefully recruited and trained carers will provide a high standard of care. We value our Service User’s choice and preference and aim to promote their independence.

Benefits of Live in Care:

One to One Care in your own home allows you the comfort of all that is familiar and dear to you.
Continuity – friendship and trust is formed and routines can be established.
Professional support and supervision by Agency staff provides peace of mind to family and loved ones who cannot always be there.
Costs are comparative with that of Residential care.

Cost of Care

Costs vary according to the level of care necessary.
No hidden costs.